Spanish living

Monday 30/01/17  – Tuesday 31/01/17 Dos Hermanas

Well it’s that time again ….. bath time, we leave the beach and head off in land going around Sevilla and end up in Dos Hermanas at a farmer/storage place/ camperstop, La Jabega €13.00 per night with electric and wifi. Lovely and peaceful, and nice helpful owners, so decide to stay 2 days, get the chores done and some cooking.


Went to my fav supermarket and got half a kilo of cooked prawns, oh man they are so tasty. Lots of fresh veg to bake, and use in lots of different dishes and fish stock from the langostino shells, the hake bones and head. (For risotto tomorrow) they always offer you the fish head and I would always refuse, well that was then and this is now I see the error of my ways, I makes the most wonderful, tasty stock. They will also scale and fillet any fish you buy.


Wednesday 01/02/17 – Friday 03/02/17 Chipiona

Again lots of walks by the beach, Dave found cuttlefish for the dogs

But Nala being Nala would rather chase rabbits in the wet grass


Friday we have a walk along the front and into town (4 hours !!) lovely Spanish town and busy, will definitely go there again. Camperstop right by the beach €0.00 per night, oh yes and there is a Mercadona too ! Perfect


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