Spanish sunshine

Saturday 28/01/17 – Sunday 29/01/17 Matalscanas

Camped up right by the beach, again lovely long walks and entertainment on the beach, an exercise ball buried half in the sand and a queue of lads bouncing of it doing all sorts of jumps


Beautiful sunsets from the van

Sunday and we decide on a day of eating and rest !! Ha ha and the usual walk, had brekkie out, pan con tomate and coffee, forgot how much I love Spanish coffee, then later decide to have a menu del dia, below was my starter, hake fried and cooked in a pepper sauce yum, bloody yum, then bocerones (fried anchovies) again yummy, vanilla pud and a beer, omg stuffed.


Monday 30/01/17 stopped at El Rocio

El Rocío, the most significant town in the vicinity of the Parque Nacional de Doñana, surprises first-timers. Its streets, unpaved and covered in sand, are lined with colourfully decked-out single-storey houses with sweeping verandahs, left empty half the time. But this is no ghost town: these are the well-tended properties of 115 hermandades (brotherhoods), whose pilgrims converge on the town every Pentecost (Whitsunday) weekend for the Romería del Rocío, Spain’s largest religious festival. And at most weekends, the hermandades arrive in a flurry of festive fun for other ceremonies.
El Rocío impresses with its striking setting in front of luminous Doñana marismas (wetlands), where herds of deer drink at dawn and, at certain times of year, pink flocks of flamingos gather in massive numbers.
Whether it’s the play of light on the marshes, an old woman praying to the Virgin at the Ermita, or a girl passing by in a sultry flamenco dress, there’s always something to catch the eye on El Rocío’s dusky, sand-blown streets.

The church in El Rocio is called Ermita de la Blanca Paloma (hermitage of the white dove). The virgin is called la Blanca paloma. The church was finished in 1969, it is completely white and replaced the original Church that had deteriorated over the years.

And lastly some beautiful clouds



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