Back home to Spain

Tuesday 24/01/17 Camping Algarve Moncarapacho

Stopped on the way to our next campsite for lunch by the sea and  some dog and people exercise.

Gasp horror what do I see someone has put a cross in the sky, I think it should be a bloody great tick and a yes to more sun like this.


Our campsite was high above a lake with lovely views €7.50 per night with electric

Wednesday 25/01/17 -Thursday 26/01/17

BACK IN SPAIN !!! Loved, loved, loved Portugal but crossed the border into Spain and felt like i had come home, can’t stop smiling, told Dave and he said he felt the same ! The cherry on the cake was a trip to Mercadona, all my favourite things in this supermarket, ok am a first class saddo! And the petrol is cheaper Portugal €1.35 Spain €1.08

Valverde del Camino, making our way to this site and stop off in Huelva for guess what ???  Go on guess…… ok lunch and a walk.

Arrived at our camperstop €0.00 per night the rain made some lovely rainbows

Up bright and early after a “dog chorus” all through the night along with two dustbin “empties” at 3.00a.m.

but let’s forget about that we have a trip planned today on the advice of our fellow traveller Ralph, we are off to the Rio Tinto Mines. First a look around the museum, all in Spanish ! Umm am beginning to regret not doing mining words in my Spanish studies. Then we all jump into our cars, or campervan in our case, follow the museum car to the mines. Next an hour talk in Spanish …..what do I understand from a thousand years of Spanish studies ??? Nada, zilch, diddly bloody squatt. No I did get some of it when the English took over the mine running and they spoke no Spanish apart from Cafe con leche and some other word and all the party laughed !! Obviously didn’t know they had 2 concealed brits !

Don our hard hats (this brightened my day no end, Daves looked like a pimple on top of his head, couldn’t stop laughing) made him look like a foreman for this pic


Then on to a rickety old train for our trip around the mines and guess what another half hour Spanish talk, this is now like rubbing salt into the wounds, must try harder!!

And the mine pictures

And lastly a visit to an English house, wonder what this looks like ?

Like this that’s what.


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