Silves -Sao Bartolomeu de Messiness

Saturday 21/01/17 – Monday 23/01/17 – Silves -Sao Bartolomeu de Messines

Back to our little campsite to charge up the leccy, have a shower and do some clothes washing, relax and chill. Had a Lovely 2 hour or more walk on Sunday.  Will definitely come back to this site.


Then a spot of cooking, fish stew for tea and roasted veg cooked for Mondays tea.

Tuesday – 24/01/1Sao Bartolomeu de Messines

Bit of wild camping by the side of a reservoir beautiful peaceful place. Well it was till some woman came along with her two wolves, I mean dogs, they were running around just round the corner from us, another woman and daughter park and take their little dog for a walk, 2 mins later all hell breaks loose and they scurry back to their car and tell us the dogs are “bad ” hey our dogs are already in the van and I am now sitting by the door at the ready, the police are called, they turn up all casual, windows down, drive around the corner, all hell brakes loose and the police come back with the windows tightly closed. Woman and wolves go ! Nala and Baby are let out, peace is resumed.

Then the next morning the mist comes in and after a morning walk we skidaddle off to the nextcampsite.


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