Alvor – Silves

Sunday 15/01/17 – Alvor

Turned up early at Alvor and was going to use a camperstop, but it was very busy, so camped on a free spot next door.


walked into town, for fresh bread and on the harbour was a small food market, so bought a few essentials, avocados and cake !


Huge house opposite the harbour with its own cruiser outside, tried to google who lived there, but couldn’t find out.Again lovely walks along the marshes watching the herons, hawks and all the other birds I don’t know the names of.

Lastly a walk up to the light house


Monday 16/01/17 – Tuesday 17/01/17 – Silves

Lovely cobbled streets, leading up a steep hill to the castle, in the town

But we are off to a small rural campsite, time for a shower, recharge all the batteries and some washing (1 euro per wash ! Bargain, €6.00 euros per night including electricity ) Nice and relaxing, we are also next door to a lovely couple with 4 kids who have been travelling for 2 years, the kids have been amusing Nala, infact we had to stop the little turncoat getting into their van ! We also have our own tour guide, for walks in the hills.

Funny thing was as we left for our walk she tried to get out and we stopped her and left her on the site, about 2 mins later she was ahead of us waiting, then barked if we didn’t follow her.


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