Vila Nova de Milfontes – Carrapateira

Friday 13/01/17 – Vila Nova de Milfontes

Stopped in a site on top of some cliffs overlooking the harbour, beautiful walks along the cliffs, if abit scary in parts ” don’t look down, there is a very long drop, just keep walking”

Said hello to one of the locals. Search for sites €0.00


Saturday 14/01/17 – Carrapateira

Lovely, if a bit bumpy drive along the coast to this site, but well worth it, had a long walk along the cliffs taking in the stunning views.

Bumped into 2 unsavoury characters, oops no they are ours !!!!! And true to form a small yappy  one and a cool calm one


Another long walk, should be as thin as a rake !!! But no that rake is nowhere to be seen. Now I know you won’t believe this but it may have been a bit windy up on those, them cliffs.


Or was it ???



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