Beautiful coast and ships ! Setubal to Melides

Monday – Tuesday 09/01/2017 – 10/01/2017 – Setubal

The site is right by the water and just over the way from a busy port, the ships that are arriving are huge, and guess what you can track them, yes I think I will become a certified ship tracker geek ! So interesting (to me anyway) it tells you, the tracker app where the ship has been, what time it is docking and what it is carrying.

Found this site on search for sites, it was a campsite before and someone has just bought it again and will start work soon, so doubt the price will not stay the same €6.00 per night, no electric, thankfully we were the only ones there, as the showers were just a cubical with a curtain opening into the portacabin, so if anyone came in for a wee or shower they would have seen me starkers !! Not a pretty site, me not the site. Stayed 2 nights the second day we walking into the main town, apparently they are the sports capital of Europe, took some pics of dolphins.

And the port

Wednesday – Thursday 11/01/2017-12/01/2017 – Melides

Got totally lost, looking for somewher scenic for lunch, but turned up at this little gem, nestled in a forest,

right a the edge of a beach with the most amazing sandstone cliffs.


Where am I ??

Nala looks like she has a wheel for a front leg in this one, it’s a punctured ball she picked up.


Lastly the sea



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