Chasing the sun

Thursday 05/01/2017 Ordinhas Parque

We have come abit inland for this site as we needed to top up the electricity, have a shower and HAIR STRAIGHTEN, just saying ! Lovely little village had a walk with the dogs, setting every dog off barking within a 5 km radius, it is like dog Chinese whispers, as luck would have it most of them are in chains, because some of the are HUGE. Went to hang the washing out and am greeted by the welcoming committee, first one then two, was gone for all of 3 minutes.


Friday 06/01/2017-Saturday 07/01/2017 – Cascais

Lovely site right by the beach, lots of walks over the dunes, walked into town about 10 km round trip.

And our evening walk, please note double use of the lees your wear (top)

Sunday 08/1/2017 – Fonte de Telha

On the way to the site we go over the San Francisco bridge and spot the figure of Christ on Sugar loaf mountain, ok ok I know totally different country’s it is the small bridge crossing the estuary near Lisbon, they have the longest bridge in Europe a bit further along, but it was a longer drive out, have just read up on it and sounds frightening

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge flanked by viaducts and rangeviews that spans the Tagus River in Parque das Nações in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.It is the longest bridge in Europe with a total length of 12.3 kilometres.Construction began on February 1995; the bridge was opened to traffic on 29 March 1998, just in time for Expo 98, the World’s Fair that celebrated the 500th anniversary of the discovery by Vasco da Gama of the sea route from Europe to India. The bridge carries six road lanes, with a speed limit of 120 km/h (75 mph), the same as that on motorways, except on one section which is limited to 100 km/h (60 mph). On windy, rainy, and foggy days, the speed limit is reduced to 90 km/h (56 mph). The number of road lanes will be enlarged to eight when traffic reaches a daily average of 52,000.


Anyway enough facts for today, stayed on a camperstop tonight, €0.00 just sorting out a cuppa and our neighbour starts strumming on his guitar and singing a Levellers song, that’s it Dave is sorted, turns out they are brits, and travellers, lovely people.


One of the fishing boats coming in with its catch, then a sunset a pod of at least 8 dolphins, swimming up and down the coast right by us, I think Dolphins have such a good feel factor, so happy to have seen them and so many together.


They are there promise !

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