A new adventure in Portugal

Wednesday 28/12/2016 – Thursday 29/12/2016 Praia de Vaguiera

I must say, Portugal isn’t like Spain, it has its own traditions, ways of doing things, and the language, I can understand some of it, as some of the words are the same, but I am not sure on how each letter is pronounced (maybe after getting proficient in Spanish I will try Portuguese) Anyway suffice to say we love Portugal.

Lovely long walk besides the beach, please note someone’s big clodhoppers ruining my heart ! There are boardwalks all along the beach, so if you fancy a sandless stroll it’s a lovely way of spending a hour or so.

And laughing !


before a well deserved brekkie Portuguese style.


For the next 2 nights we are on a camperstop €0.00 per night. But bad news a little hut has opened by us and there is a huge queue outside, being nosey we stop and look, ummmm food, ummm yummy food, now seem like I am always saying this but “ITS DAVES FAULT” I never usually touch Nutella, so what do we have a Tripa?? Filled with Nutella and sprinkled with cinnamon, O.M.freaking god bloody lovely, although we did share one between us, it’s a pancake wafflely thing, which can have numerous fillings, kit Kat, toblerone, and so on and so on.

Please note baby’s snoz is always not far away when there is food around.

oh nearly forgot before I go, we have just discovered a new bit of kit any motorhomer needs “leisure wear” pronounced Lees your wear, I even took the dogs for a walk in mine ! It was dark !


Thanks to the mothers Christmas presents we are now both lees your wear wearers.


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