Portugal our new treasure

Tuesday 27/12/2016

Took a walk into the next village along the miles of boardwalk, beautiful day, stunning scenery and ?..

Another menu del dia, well we did walk for a good 2 hours, no pics sorry, but we had homemade veg soup with the super yummy fresh bread, fillets of hake, chips, salad, and rice, then I had choccy cake and Dave had choccy mousse, well we always go halvers, then I had a beer, Dave a water and 2 super strong coffees like espressos which I didn’t think I liked, but I now know I do, this my friends was all for the princely  sum of €13.00 !!! Walk home

17th century  church

Just had to show you our Portuguese bread, I think France is having a run for its money on the bread stakes, the bread here is as light as air, gorgeous, yummy and all adjectives like that.


Wednesday 28/12/2016

On to our next stop passed through Aveiro, lovely Portuguese town, with gondolas sailing down the canals WHAT !! Yes a typical Portuguese town ha ha. Lovely buildings painted pastel colours and individual, infact some reminded me of the Gaudi buildings, then onto our destination of the night Praia de Vaguiera.

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