And on into Portugal

Thursday 22/12/2016 – Covas

Crossed the boarder into Portugal and gained an hour ! Result another hour of sun. Found the quaint Covas camping campsite in the beautiful hills of Portugal for our first night, not motorhomed here before, nearly turned back as the roads were getting pretty small, but it was ok in the end, the campsite was well equipped had all my needs covered, free wifi ! Lovely friendly patron €11.00 for the night all in with electric.

Friday 23/12/2016 Orbiter camping

second night in Portugal found an Acsi site €15.80 per night, lovely location right by the sea and beach, had a walk along the boardwalk, by the quite rough sea. Lots of different tides at work here, advised not to let the dogs go swimming, well there is no chance with Baby, if it’s raining she won’t go out, so swimming is nowhere on her agenda, Nala is more of a paddler, but kept tight hold of my little pal, didn’t want her being swept away.


Saturday 24/12/2016 -Monday 26/12/2016

Vila Cha camping needed somewhere for the Christmas holidays so this site was as good as any, bearing in mind we had never been here before, set up home then nipped across the road for lunch, menu del dia or the equivalent in Portugal ! Just what the doctor ordered yummy fish, bread to die for fresh bread, beer or green tea.

ACSI site, charged €25.00 for 2 nights, but ended up staying 4, the place has an air of tranquility about it, even though it is quite noisy, with the local dog choir and fireworks ( it was Christmas ! After all) had an evening stroll along the beach

Next day Christmas Day, day of phoning loved ones, eating Chrissy dinner veggie style, reading in the sun and eating chocolates, ummm not a bad way to spend the day.


Next couple of day have been spend exploring along the boardwalks of this beautiful part of the country, below is an interesting Portuguese house by the harbour.

Then we see this memorial to a Uk Lancaster that was shot down here on its way to Gibraltar in the Second World War, there was no loss of life as all crew were saved by the local fishermen.



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