Northern Spain visits

Sunday – 18/12/2016 Jaroutz to Gorliz

As we have a last look at our wonderful view it’s “adios Jaroutz” it’s been a pleasure, campsite. The Gran campsite was ACSI €17.00 euros per night


Monday – 19/12/2016  Gorliz to Gijon

Gorliz was a lovely little harbour town, plenty of walks for us and mutts. Camperstop €0.00


Gijon at night, large city wasn’t expecting it to be so big, but really lovely place

Tuesday 20/12/2016  Gijon – Tapia

Had a walk along the prom and met this lady

And into the old town to get a bit of history and get wet ! Plenty of surfers and joggers out though !  Camperstop €0.00

Wednesday 21/12/2016 – Tapia

These pictures (below)were taken on the way to Tapia, we are about 2′ away from each other, it looks like a totally different place.

Arrived in Tapia campsite opposite the beach, another beautiful place. Camperstop €0.00

Had a little look around the town, stopped in a cafe for a beer, coffee and tostadas all for €4.50 can’t say fairer than that.

Tomorrow we are joining the prilgrims and visiting Santiago de Compostela.

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