One the way to Spain

Thursday 15/12/2016 Nerzac – Ondrese

Quick walk again on the beach before we head off again, across the boarder to Spain.

Stayed in another Aire tonight €0.00



Friday 16/12/2016 – Ondrese to Jaroutz

Had to do the last French cake shopping before we cross the boarder into Spain, so did it in style and got these three whoppers, to be consumed tonight.

We arrived at our campsite Gran Camping, lovely welcome did we want a sea view, “yes please” well what a beautiful view and I know it’s a crappy picture but this is the night time view, anyway parked up and called into the site restaurant for menu del dia, bloody scrummy, would have taken pics only we were hungry ! Beer Estrella was brewed on site, sampled and well impressed, need a walk so it’s a


steep walk down to the beach and even steeper one back ! My legs are not used to this. The buildings below are from when ships used to dock out at sea and a cable car took the goods out to them, or delivered in (The truck at the front of the building is one of the original cable cars)


Liked the site so stayed an extra day, another keep fit exercise of the thousand steps up and a thousand steps down (ok I exaggerate, 999 steps each way ha ha), the prom was in full swing by the time we got there a surfing comp was going on


And look who else I spotted running around the beach on his chariot.


And lastly our elderly baby was taking the thousand steps at her own pace


This pic looks like she is faster than us ! Dread the thought

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