France and France

Tuesday 13/12/2016 Cleres – Saints  Marie de Tourane

A beautiful historic town the building below was from 1050, all so interesting. Please note Daves arty pic, the van at night !! He came running in after taking the dogs for a walk saying quick give me the camera, I thought he had seen an owl, fox, badger etc, no it was the van with the moon !!!

we stayed on an Aire that night the cost €0.00

Wednesday 14/12/2016 Sainte Marie de Tourane – Nerzac

Again lovely historic town, took the dogs for a walk round the town and park, and of course stopped at my favourite shop the boulangerie, and spent some euros.

Oh look at those lovely little houses says I as we drive to our site, on closer inspaection, they were family tombs, most spectacular though, for families.

Ahhh yes and of course our purchase today the obligatory French yummy yummy cakes, which are so light  they must be calorie free, no hold on I don’t care if they are or not !  The one on the left was a lemon tart and it was tart in a lovely way, the other one was pastry case filled with apples and creme pat. Oh oh oh oh oh soooooooo good. France I will say again, I love your cakes and bread x

Again stayed on an Aire with electric cost €0.00 euros


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