Good bye bonny Scotland x

Monday 31/10/2016 – Wednesday 02/11/2016

We visit Cove where there was a large Russian base in the war, very interesting reading and going by this mornings weather, pretty bleak at times.

Russia are paying towards a memorial in Cove and visit to show their respects as seen by the wreaths.

After leaving Cove we head off southwards, as we think our luck with the beautiful Scottish weather may be running out and an MOT needs to be done on Seamus. Spend the night in Aviemore on a pub stop site called The Winking Owl, had a larger after tea and very nice it was.

Next day we head off again and stop in Perth so I can now say I have been to two Perths – Scotland

And Perth Australia


From Perth we stay in a campsite in Ecclefechan the birthplace of Carlyle !! Who the Ecclefechan is Carlyle ? Will google it. Next day we head off to Crewe the birthplace of all things MOT, only stopping off for lunch in Keswick where we partook in luncheon of the olde world type in The Dog and Gun.


Sadness now descends on the group as we have to say bye to our lovely companions of the last couple of weeks, Ralph and Jen, fingers crossed we see them soon in Spain all being well.


Off we trot on our own to Crewe ! And I will leave you with, todays  prefects “constructive advice” whilst taking the phone charger from the cigarette lighter ” don’t yank it out, you will bring the full unit with it ” right scuse language but “tits” and “nerves” spring to mind ! This is all being logged in my do it yourself folder !! Not good.

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