Isle of Skye

Friday 28/10/2016 – Saturday 29/10/2016 Off to the Isle of Skye, no ferry this time as they have built a bloody big bridge!

And look who we encounter having his lunch of road kill bunny, yum yum !

Travel around the Island and stay in Uig for the night, popped into the local pub The Ferry Inn had a pint of San Mig, listened to a few tunes and a good natter, lovely place.

Back on the main land and we decided to stay in a motorhome stopover in Castle Eilean Donan car park , followed the signs for motorhomes and came to a 2.6m height barrier !! not going to get under that are we,  we then have some one in a car making “throat slicing” gestures to us and an employee rushing out to tell us they are closed, Ralph and Jen have another set of employees telling them they “couldn’t park here” we get the distinct impression we are not wanted here, so buzz off down the road to a lovely spot, outside a pub The Dorine Hotel, where we have a lovely meal, so fate again has been kind to us.

After tea we all go for a pitch dark, sneaky peak around the castle, very impressive. How naughty are we, didn’t even pay, ha ha. Talking of naughty, my clean living, veggie other half has now turned into the campervan prefect ! He has taken to patrolling the van checking for misdemeanours carried out by the only other inhabitant, me ! Today’s crime was splashing and leaving water around the sink and on the toilet lid after washing my hands ! Sacre bleu! Bloomin heck ! What next, I was told and I quote “you will make the wood rot” no detention  this time ! Phew.

We wake up to this view, perfect. Now it’s the 42 dollar question to Applecross or not ???? We decide to decide when we get there, will let you know.

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