Apple cross day!

Sunday 30/10/2016

Send the son a happy birthday message as it’s Applecross day and I have read all the reviews about it being “very steep” “not for the faint hearted” etc etc, this might be my last chance !! Being brave I say “I don’t mind which way we go” which was a lie inside I was saying ” are you bloody mad, the van is going to fall over the side of the cliff, say goodbye to everyone, you are going to DIE ” smiling serenely as we take the Applecross way !! Am feeling sick and a self induced panic attack is coming on.

So you can see the sheer scale of Applecross just look at Ralph and Jens van (below)

Well I must say it was fine, I had worked myself into a right stew over nothing, it would have been better, on a sunnier day where you could see more, but well worth doing, after Applecross we headed off to Poolewe, below are some of the on the way pictures.

Looking for a campsite near Cove, we found some free camping across the road from this !!! Need I say more.


STUNNING, must say Nala is a right poser

The sea was clear, blue green colour, the sand was pale, the sun was shining, where are we ?? Of course in the highlands of Scotland at the end of October.The men folk got talking to a local and he told them about how the bay was used by the Russians in the war and there was a memorial at the end of the peninsula, so tomorrow morning we shall take a look. Just thought I would put this picture in because I liked it x



Prefect footnote

Today’s misdemeanour is after cooking tea, I grab my plate and take one step towards the settee, I get “lights” yikes I have left kitchen light on ! And I also get a “fed up” look ! Um I think I am testing someone’s patience. I then distinctly heard (whispered) “I’m sure you do it on purpose ” oh Mr prefect  you are walking a very fine line mark my words !

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