Isle of Mull, in search of Sea Eagles

Thursday 20/10/2016 – Friday 21/10/2016



Well was not looking forward to the ferry over to Mull, seasickness is my middle name, but hey guess what, nothing ! Nada ! Zilch ! Pat on the back for me, for not puking yeyyy. In fact a lovely trip over.

On arriving in Mull after stopping for a wee bit of lunch and spotting otters, yes otters the first port of call was Tobermory, had to go there, massive street cred from the grandkids, lovely place

Arty pics of Tobermory nature!

Had our tea in a lovely pub on the harbour, trouble was the menu outside was an old one, so the starter and main I picked were no longer on the menu, So it was back to the salad and chips option, Jen said she would have the same, Ralph goes to the bar and orders salad and chips, “you can only have what is on the menu” he is told oh right so he orders 2 burgers which they both said were the best they had ever tasted. So my order next, Dave wanted fish and chips….easy, now my order, unless I had fish and chips everything else had meat in it, so I reword my order “can I have a side of chips” yes that was fine, right now “could I have a side salad too please” this waitress isn’t dumb she has cottened on, it’s not on the menu, it was in fact With the burgers !! Then said waitress says they only do salads in the restaurant !! I tell her I am veggie and can’t eat anything else….right ok she will see if they will do it !! Yes they can so I get my salad and chips, such hard work !! We leave and go to another bar Macgochans, for our sweets, sticky toffee puds, they had a German man playing tunes there and boy I have never seen someone play with such gusto and enjoyment, stayed till he finished his stint, top marks.

Next morning we travel around Mull and arrive at a loch a local has recommended for seeing Sea Eagles ! Nothing we are told they are barn door size so can’t miss them !

Ah well onward and upwards fingers crossed we see one soon.



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