The Kelpies to Stirling to Dunstaffnage.

Wednesday 18/10/2016

img_6110Lots of noise this morning outside our pitch up site outside The Auld Toll, Grangemouth where incidentally they didn’t serve food on the night we stayed but cooked us all lovely meals, well recommend. (They have a Facebook page) it turns out all the honking, quacking and whatever else was this magnificent site

Off on their summer hols !

One last visit before we leave to see the Kelpies

img_6071And oh look they have named a river after me ! Incorrect spelling but hey ho will let them off that one

img_6069Then up to Stirling Castle

The gravesyard was rather spiffing too

And look at this one to the two virgin martyrs who we think were lost at sea ! Didn’t know if they were martyrs because they were virgins or they were martyrs to another cause ! Answers on a postcard please

img_6078The old boys club and two young boys !

Loved the signs above the doors “keep smiling” and quarrelling is taboo” lovely sentiments.

lastly the jail in stirling

img_6086And beautiful lock Awe

img_6108And our final resting place, revisiting The wide mouth frog car park, where after tea we all partook in a few shifters and a couple of games of pool …… team McHarrie-jones did pretty well, won’t say anymore as don’t want to look like a total braggers !!! Hee hee.


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