Peace and love man

Thursday 13/10/2016 – Friday 14/10/2016 Ardfern –

Well this place Ardfern is so peaceful and idyllic (new adjective !) we decided to stay an extra night, no one here but us, and the odd Heron or two


Went for a look at the village shop and church … as you do, when you are a culturalist, like what I am !!!!!

Then walked the other way, about 8 miles in total !!!

Saturday 15/10 – 16/10/2016 –  Muasdale.

Drove from ardfern down to Southend then back up to Muasdale.


Stopping just outside of Southend so this happy little camper could find some ring pulls and blobs of aluminium !! Don’t ask ! With his 2 happy mutt campers running around, while I read my book and watched a film.

Well a lovely day spent seal watching and eating cheese on toast, the following pictures do not do the seals justice or our sitings of them !!! yes they are the small black dots. Sea was an amazing colour and the weather is still good.

Monday 17/10/2016 left Mausdale travelled up through Inveraray, along Loch Lomond and back to Tyndrum, campsite, where we will meet Ralph and Jen tomorrow.

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