Sunny Scotland


Wednesday-12/10/2016 Tyndrum – Dunstaffnage. Not travelled too far today as had too much to see and do. Went all cultural and visited the The Hollow Mountain visitors centre where we learned about underground power and stuff !!

Lock Awe by the visitors centre

There was also a huge dam you could walk to, ha !, as the underground tour was full, Dave asked the receptionist if we could leave the van in the car park while we walked to the dam, so she told him the numerous ways we could get there, then said to Dave, “we close at 5.30pm so don’t do anything silly” it was by the way was 12.30 !! I of course wanted to know what she thought we would do ???  So we chose the fast way up, 1300 ft,  1 hour each way, extremely steep but hey, quick hike, take some pics and down again by about 3.00pm.


Look at me being “silly” climbing a tree, ohhh and what else am I doing ? Look at this climbing backwards, that’s super silly

img_5713And of course the silliest thing I did was climb up in the first place ! Omg I needed my Billy goat legs on, these lazy human legs just didn’t cut the mustard


it was a lovely walk ( well it was a walk !) and the views were spectacular, I think I may love Scotland shhhhh ! Don’t tell Spain. The best bit was having a phone call to say our grandson had just arrived, little 8lb 5ozs handsome devil, but unnamed as yet.

Airds Bay another beautiful place


Then its onto Dunstaffnage where its another walk to the castle, these dogs are going to look like whippets by the end of this trip

and lastly our pitch for the night the car park of the Wide mouthed Frog and in for some lovely grub by a log filled fire, wonderful view and a larger for me and soda for the driver


Well hopefully Oban tomorrow,

img_5696Night all x

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