We are off again….Scotland here we come.

10/10/2016 -Monday

Well off we go again left North Wales Monday after staying in the Britannia Inn in Pentre Halkyn for 3 days (£5.00 a night no electric) then on to the white House Hotel for a night (£18.00 a night with electric and wifi) plus the added bonus of visiting the restaurant and having another gorgeous meal there.


Then on to Beattock where we parked up for the night in The Old Stables Inn, partook in a larger and veggie grub, very nice after a walk around Beattock

Then a David Attenborough moment, Dave pointed out a cat, I thought it was a statue, but no it pounced on an unsuspecting mouse, mouse caught and hanging from its mouth, I snap away, and thanks to the cat standing looking at us for a few seconds I got the shot of my lifetime …………..or not !!!! Tomorrow off to Loch Lomond and beyond !  img_5644

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