September sun in Wales

22/09/2016 – the return to Barmouth

Lovely sunshine filled journey home, first stop the lovely town of Aberaeron, loved the colourful painted houses harbour and flag decorated streets, where we visited a well stocked health food shop and they have my new fav things, yes chocolate coated coffee beans, and then onto a healthy lunch of cheese baps with crisps and a custard slice to follow, yes sireeeee a meal fit for a King !

It’s goodbye Aberaeron hello Aberystwyth

Long before the Normans began their castle-building program, Iron Age settlers used the hilltop called Pen Dinas


to build a huge fortification, which still dominates the skyline as you approach Aberystwyth from the south and reminds us of the skills of its ancient builders.


How then did Aberystwyth Castle become such a ruin? Amazingly, as early as the 14th century, the concentric fortress began to decay. By 1343, large portions of the main gateway and drawbridges, and the outer bailey were falling down. The closeness of the castle to the pounding sea causing much of the decay.


In 1404, Owain Glyndwr seized the crumbling fortress. Within a few years the English regained possession but after 1408, Aberystwyth Castle lost its strategic value to the monarchy, and only minor repairs were attempted. During the Civil War, the castle became a victim of Oliver Cromwell’s ruthless policy of slighting because the garrison sided with the king, Charles I. Most of the castle stone was pilfered by locals to build their homes.

Quick whizz around Aber as couldn’t find anywhere to park and onto the lovely little town of Borth, where Dave starts having the shakes and feeling nauseous, yes it nearly 18 hours since he last metal detected and the shakes are bad, very bad, the beach in Borth is no good, so it’s a quick picture take then onto the next beach, time is running out !!!! He must get his “fix” before the day has ended.

Arrive in Ynyslas (I later learn they filmed Spring watch here last year) and the signs are good, I help him out of the camper and he revives considerably with the site of sand, soft crumbly sand, I read while he gets his fix.

Happy again I go for a walk ……….Nooooooooooooo, what shall I do, he has numerous bits of foil and bottle tops to find yet ???? I decide not to let him in on the new found info and take some more pics…….. No it’s a cuppa and off home for us, remember always follow the country code

A happy day was had by all X


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