The practice run to New Quay and back

21/09/2016 – Well for our trial run we thought we would take a run out to New Quay (mid Wales) a place until a few years ago, we had never heard of. With the recommendation from Carol and Phil we set off for Cei Bach Country Park

Few pics from the 2 hour journey down.

Seamus parked up and our view, we all had a short walk down to the beach and a beautiful sea shore walk into New Quay

Got it totally mesmerised by the rock formations, then a rescue was needed this little chap was on his back in need of a rock pool, quick as a flash I revived him in said pool.


Arriving in New Quay we were eager to spot the Dolphins and seals we were promised would be there and Yey they were. Took loads of pictures of them and if you have superman eyes you will see them very clearly, otherwise for all the mere mortals they look like small black dots in the sea !!

Actually the big black dot is a wake boarder and the minuscule black dot is either a seal  swimming or a dolphin leaping out of the water !! Ok use your imagination.

finally we are back with the “selfies” first Baby and her wonky eye selfie


And Nalas running in the air selfie

imageTomorrow the journey home.

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