It’s time to plan and visit !

Well we have 3 weeks left in beautiful Barmouth, so it’s time to catch up on ” Barmouth things to do” so with that in mind with the tea cooked, Dave metal detecting it’s off on an evening bike ride to Fairbourne with Amy.

Fairborn is a village on the coast of Barmouth Bay, it is in an area listed by Gwynedd council for managed retreat due to rising sea levels. The beach is fronted by tank traps known as “Dragon’s Teeth” dating from the Second World War.


The Fairbourne minature Railway has provided a link from the village to Penrhyn Point for over a century.

'Russell', Barmouth Ferry 9/8/20121250 Barmouth Ferry-Fairbourne

The Barmouth Ferry sails from the seaward end of the Fairbourne Railway to Barmouth/Abermaw.


More on Barmouth attraction in later blogs, but hoping to go on the NC500 around the Scottish Highlands in October so if anyone has any suggestion would love to hear then.

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