Return to Almunecar Part Uno

Tuesday 02/08/2016 – Tuesday 09/08/2016


Well a lovely week as tourists instead of live ers ! In Almunecar, with our rellies Billy, Michelle, Sophie and Owen. Narly and Baby are being left in Blighty suffering in Barmouth and oh how they suffered, I know it’s cruel but Ryanair have said no to two mutts travelling with us so they are left in Amy’s capable hands, on static watch duty !

Well this is our week, Billy terrorising the swimmers !!

A trip around the house in Almunecar, we find a large oak tree that was ok when we left, has now been, we think been hit by lightning and is now in two very large pieces, the last picture is of a dragon fly, spot the red dot.

A trip into Almunecar town to visit the cross and beach

Beautiful statue of Abderraman I – “oh palm tree you are how I am foreign in the West distant from your homeland. ”

1984 – Abderraman 1.
Cast, then hand worked, bronze.
This imposing statue stands adjacent to the west side of El Peñon, which marks the boundaries of Puerto de Mar & St Cristobal (or La China (“The Pebbles”) as it is known locally overlooking Paseo de San Cristobal.

Up to visit the castle, but was closed, so just took some touristy pictures


Some of the statues in the park
These sculptures were donated to the town of Almuñecar by a group of Syrian artists. They are in the beautiful El Majuelo botanical gardens with a secluded gazebo and tropical trees. The figures are about two meters and are made of macael marble, each of them is a different author. The impression given is of “totem” marble under the tropical climate of the city.

And some in the town.

The Sculpture tribute to water
This original memorial tribute to water, is by the same sculptor of the impressive sculpture Rahman I who is at the entrance to the strength of the Holy Rock on the beach of San Cristobal, the goldsmith and sculptor Miguel Moreno Romera. The monument consists of three bronze statues located above three sources, and it is not easily missed because they are located next to the bus station and the building Almuñecar local police

get me with my touristy info !!!


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