Get them dogs sorted !

Wednesday 22/06/2016 Le Mans – Thursday 23/06/2016 – Boulogne sur Mer

Well its turning into a marathon, Monday we did 370 miles, Tuesday 440, Wednesday 359  and Thurday 260.


Baby having a cool at a pit stop on route, as you can now see she is down to a grade 1, Nala on the other hand has decided she is nice and comfy sleeping like this !!


Took the dogs to the vets Wednesday to get their tapeworm tablet done, Nala has a sixth sense and has never been to this vet before or even been in this town, had to be dragged through the door, then comes the tablet swallowing bit, 6 times she spit it out last time she was force fed a tablet, this time the vet chucked it to the back of her throat, clamped her trap shut and blew up her nose holes and Bobs your uncle, Fannys your aunt it was gone ….same with Baby and she didn’t over charge us like the last vet, it may be linked – the extortionate price and the closeness to the tunnel, but this time it was half price and we had 2 dogs done instead of one.



Le Mans, where are those racing cars ????


The van is stating the temperature outside as 35 degrees, us 4 happy travellers inside are in even warmer heat we are melting slowly, the fan is blowing in hot air and everything you touch is HOT, the fridge is battling valiantly, but is failing miserably, all our frozen food defrosted on the first day. At the mearest hint of a cloud we are cheering and watching the temperature gague, “its gone down to 34” hurrah. so we have prayed for cooler air, not only must we have been bloody good prayers, but we have gone over the top, we are on a yellow thunderstorm warning, now this wouldn’t bother me but I have just booked the channel tunnel for early Friday morning and we still have 260 miles to go. Stayed at Camping Le Pont Romain, lovely site again, very helpful, even left the activities room open because of the yellow warning. Free Wifi but could only get it outside reception.

Thursday morning arrives bright and early, not a rain cloud in sight and unless we fell deaf in our sleep last night no yellow warning weather touched us. The time travelling is getting shorter but seems a hell of a lot longer due to sitting in the van for the last four days, I have even been tempted to take up Candy Crush again, and taking stupid selfies  sacre bleu !!!!


A few of the views on the way, passing through Rouen, arrive at our campsite Camping L’escale. Lovely site, clean, tidy and very well set up, but the pitches are a tad small, we did say we were only staying for “un nuit” my only bit of French with a knowing look and a “oui” thrown in here and there, so maybe the other pitches are bigger, but would definitely stay again ACSI 17 euros.


Now the only thing to worry about is if this little immi will get through customs !!!


Fingers crossed she makes it as she doesn’t speak French.

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  1. June Sayer says:

    Really enjoying your posts…you crazy lovely poble hen!!!!! Hope all goes well getting across the water……take care June xxxxx


    1. We are here now in lovely Barmouth X X


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