Theres a pig at the bottom of our garden


Saturday 02/04/2016 – Thursday 07/04/2016 – Right well whats been happening in Casa Almunecar.The veggie plot is coming on nicely thank you see pic one and 2 almost there

We have even built, out of our own hand cut bamboo a veggie frame for all the veggies in waiting that climb

this is a pic of the nearly finished version, the finished version is alot more sturdy and hurricane !!! boom boom hardy


The lettuce is obviously on go slow waiting for all the other veggies to be planted, I have even made my own cloche the try to “bring them on” they are secured with bricks on top and one is nicely surrounded with lemons as they deter ants…. the same ants I saw carrying the lemon pieces away !!!!!

What the freak its back again on the Persimmon tree, I took my life in my hands taking these pics…

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