Theres a pig at the bottom of our garden

Saturday 02/04/2016 – Thursday 07/04/2016 – Right well whats been happening in Casa Almunecar.The veggie plot is coming on nicely thank you see pic one and 2 almost there


We have even built, out of our own hand cut bamboo a veggie frame for all the veggies in waiting that climb


this is a pic of the nearly finished version, the finished version is alot more sturdy and hurricane !!! boom boom hardy


The lettuce is obviously on go slow waiting for all the other veggies to be planted, I have even made my own cloche the try to “bring them on” they are secured with bricks on top and one is nicely surrounded with lemons as they deter ants…. the same ants I saw carrying the lemon pieces away !!!!!


What the freak its back again on the Persimmon tree, I took my life in my hands taking these pics, it was looking at me !!! staring me out and getting ready to jump/fly at me, ” if it eats any of our edible grub it is in batter in the chip pan”, to quote Dave, well I will leave that one for him to eat.


As baby is still on strike on the selfie front


NEWS ALERT  !!!!!!!!!


What has happened to our lush and green vegetation, it looks like some bugger has dug it up with a digger……….how have they done this, it is on one of the terraces about 11 foot up a steep bank ?????? ummm lets think about this, can a digger climb a large 11 foot ridge ??? I am going to have to say “no”hold on whats this, little hoof marks ummm there is a rise in the number of wild pigs and boars in the area ……. I think we have our man or pig !!!



What has the guard dog been doing missing these ???????? she is looking in all directions


but no she will have to get the sack the only things she barks at are horses in a field about a mile away, so she can guard us from a horse but not a wild boar !!! sacked

Well the Los Poyatos card school is coming to an end one of the three is leaving and sevens just isnt the same with 2 people, not much guessing who has the card you want !!!. Well “June skinny hand” (her card name) all I can say is its been nice whooping you at cards most nights. “Dave I can read him like a book” and “Karen the supreme winner ” and the cards are ready and waiting for the next bout. So tomorrow morning its off with Junes flea collar and on to the airport.

OHHHHH no she has beaten me on the last night……or did I let her win ?????? did I heck

The new replacement arrives on Sunday in the shape of this person, shes a funny one but we love her !!!!




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