Work and Cooking !!!!!

Monday  28/03/2016- Friday 01/04/2016

The boss comes out to check on our work and then says “I’m the king of the castle and your the dirty rascals get on with your work”


so its back to wood chopping and sawing


now as it happens I am a dirty rascal and I will tell you why, because we have been invaded by ticks and if they are like nits they and I quote “only go on clean hair” or in the case of ticks they only go behind clean ears, Baby and Nala have been lovely nests for these little critters or in the case of the last one Baby had bloody huge critter on her tail….. yak


enough was enough, Dave has had a visitor behind his ear and so has June ha ha ha this dirty rascal is staying dirty, so Monday it was off to the pet shop for tick drops and 2 tick collars, or maybe we should get 4 ????? this set us back 90 euros if I see another live tick its back to the pet shop for my money back !!!!

After a hard days work or is it the amount of blood the ticks have taken  Baby now needs a lie down on two cushions instead of one !!!!


Well what else have we been up to, another bonfire from being lit to finish it lasted all of 5 mins but we carried on burning weeds all day on it, it was so hot !!


Thursday and Friday was a bakeathon, Thursday saw me cooking loads of fresh veg to make into a pie the next day, veg soup, Tark Daal and curry sauce then Friday the roasted veg pie got finished and half eaten,


2 loaves of nut bread were baked,


avocado truffles made and scoffed


and for tea fresh summer rolls with a garlic peanut sauce yum yum. Just need a bit more practice with the rolling of the rolls IMG_3851[1].JPG


and look how hot it was today 104 and 72 in the shade !!!!


and of course lastly Babys selfie………um or not “go get some other muggins to do your selfies” was heard so this could be the last one for a while unless I can bribe her !!



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