Earthquake in Almunecar

Wednesday 23/03/2016 – Sunday 28/03/2016

Well just a few pics of the things us farmers have been doing in the last 5 days, Dave has taken a liking to pruning, so while he is sniping little bits of branches here and there, I am left to do the de-forestation, hacking through prickle trees and many unnamed triffids, built a big pyre of the chopped off bits to burn, we stand looking at it for a while and decide to try burning the stuff at the top of the drive first as it is surrounded with non burning earth and paths instead of trees and dry grass !!! so I was on hose duty, June was on turning on the water if we needed it duty and Dave was on stoking the fire duty, this is how it goes ….one match and the wind starts blowing a gale,  it is an inferno in seconds, flames shooting up about 10 foot in the air and changing direction constantly…..ummmm we are going to leave the other fire for another day

Well just a quick update on “the hand” June said she would give it a night if things didnt improve it was “flippin going back” she must be at the end of her tether to swear like that !! Dave and I were both shocked to the core. Wednesday morning and June walks into the kitchen with a red hand mark on her face “the hand” has only gone and assaulted her !!! back down the hospital we go, “give me my ruddy skinny hand back” she yells, the doctor is saying “it is broken, no work,” ” I dont bloomin care I loved that hand” at that the fat hand starts to strangle her the doctors act quick and return the skinny hand and peace is restored.

Went for a bit of a walk round Friday and Dave spotted a huge white flower, but when we got closer it was loads of tiny white flowers abit like elderflowers, but this one had a tiny black flower in the middle


and we also saw these nasty looking prickles


and some fat bird photo bombed my lovely scenery pic !!!!


Look who came to visit a huge cricket thingy or cicada or locus one of the 3, it hardly moved when Nala went to sniff it, but she jumped a mile when it moved, so funny

and lastly the earthquake, Friday 25th March we are all enjoying our lunch Al Fresco the obligatory avocados and tomatoes on bread, when we hear this almighty boom and the actual patio floor starts shaking. I say “was that an earthquake” Dave looks at me as if I am barmy (which to be fair I am most of the time) and says no, but as always Facebook to the info rescue and it was a 3.9 or 4.3 depending on who tells you. So even paradise has a few faults !!! ha ha boom boom the old ones are always the best.



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