The freeing of the chimpy arm

Tuesday 22/03/2016

Well its a big day today for one of the Almunecar trio and no its not me, yes thats right its June she is freeing her arm from its cast tonight at 5.15 precisely and it couldnt come a moment sooner for June and well for us really, she has dodged spud peeling for too long, I have forewarned her that the cast arm will be nice and hairy and will hang limply down her side, infact I predict it will look like a chimps arm, so roll on 5.15 I have the camera ready for its introduction back into society. Well enough about that its OM freaking god veg plot full steam ahead so another couple of hours weeding and de stoning the bloody plot !!

Half day today due to the arm coming out yipeeeeee. We all have a hearty lunch curtesy of Ottolenghi,s Plenty cookery book, Lentil stew with baked aubergine and tzatziki, must say was super yummy


Then Dave and June go off for the unveiling and I am left to potter blisssssss give my back a rest, so I tidy the spare room, plant some more seeds, put the topper on the bed (for the bad back) feed the dogs and pour a strawberry gin and tonic and wait, and wait and wait, finally they arrive home at 8.30 and its good and bad news the hand was no good so they have replaced it with a fat persons hand, see evidence


through the evening Junes head starts to reject the fat hand and she starts referring to it as “the hand” as in the hand wont pick up the cup, ummm things are not going well, will see what tomorrow brings on the hand front.

On a happier note the card school is up and running again and Babys selfieIMG_3003[1]


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