Almunecar the start



Thursday 17/03/2016- Sunday 20/03/2016….. our first couple of days in Almunecar started off with the move from gorgeous Comares to equally gorgeous Almunecar, plants and everything but the kitchen sink packed, thankfully the plants survived the trip, two happy apprentice farmers. Well apart from me having to drive the car with the 2 mutts in the back all the way to the camp site in Almunecar, Dave seemed to forget that Seamus has a much bigger engine than the car, I am treated to a white knuckle drive trying to keep up with him, much muttering went on “please dont over take this lorry” “oh my god please tell me we are nearly there” “Baby shut up” and “open the window you are not having a panic attack !” was the last one. Arrived safe and sound if a bit jittery

Saturday 19/03/2016 – We decide its time to find a home for the seedlings, squash, cucumbers, chillies, onions, strawberrys, basil and peppers.

Dave does a reccy and being the manly farmer he is strides out in his wellys and picks out a veg spot plot and sets about with string and tent pegs to mark it out, I being second in command am at the ready with the shovel, trowel and rake.


Now not being a natural farmer after a couple of hours spend weeding, digging and removing rocks, I decide our plot needs a boundary, so start making a cute little boulder wall, Dave disses it and makes his own manly wall !!!!   Below Daves wall



Below my wall, please note after a day farming I now cannot walk or stand straight !!! I also have curly perm hair thanks to the rainIMG_3683[1]

Reinforcements arrive and duly water the area


After a days hard graft we retire to the warmth of a log fire and a visitor

Sunday up bright and early, well up !! its log sawing and chopping day for me after a bit of weeding and digging, excelled myself with 2 buckets of logs


veg plot and veg plot wall coming along nicely, view stunning

Oh yes and little set of steps dug by moi, now if anyone is worried about health and safety, I have done a risk assessment and the risk is it will probably collapse and the Health and safety plan is you will get hurt !!!


Lastly we have been having an evening visitor, but who it is, is a mystery, they always leave a pressie, either on the wall, behind one of the grow bags or just outside the door, it looks too big for Mr Rat, dont think it is Ms Cat as it has seeds in it and its too small for a wild dog, so answers on a postcard if you have any ideas.


Lastly Baby selfie





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  1. ralph jen says:

    lovely to see what you are up to x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you would love it here so beautiful x


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