Sunday  – 06/03/2016 – Tuesday 08/03/2016

Sunday  – 06/03/2016 – Rain, Rain go away ! lovely rainbow though and as its mothering Sunday a big chicken roast dinner is in order, spoke to Mother McHarrie and Mother Jones in Blighty and then its nosh time.

After dinner the cards come out and the score is 4 all its a tense last game and first to 5, the victorious winner is JUNE ta ta da da ! ta ta da da, June is so happy she breaks out a NEW teabag for a celebratory cup of tea, at this the other 2 players faint !!!

Monday  – 07/03/2016 – Another car battery failure today !! so its the 2 of us again trying to push the car up hill to get it out of the drive so we can jump start it from Seamus (we bought jumpleads after the first battery failure ….phew) completely knackered and Dave sheepishly confesses he may have left the lights on BOTH TIMES !!!!

but we had someone looking out for us


Tuesday – 08/03/2016 – Another trip down to Almunecar to drop off more of our stuff and have a mooch around, first stop though is Trapiche Market for the fig quota of the week, oh no we are up too early (a rarity !!! I must add) and they are not set up, a disaster, to counter this upset I think a brekkie a La Cruce is in order, filled up with 2 fried eggs with garlic, jamon a crusty roll and the obligatory yummy coffee, off we set for Almunecar, stop in the town to post a pressie to Oz – how much cheaper than sending from the UK !! Royal Mail take note, then off to Mercadona for Comares supplies and a bottle of toffee vodka for Almunecar, ah then we remember the fruit and veg shop recommended by June, and guess what they have there …..yes FIGS …….yippee no sad 3 faces now there will be 3 happy fig filled faces. Then off to the house

when everything is off loaded and put in place, its a look at what we can eat from the trees, here is what we have found up to now


Lemon, Persimmon, prickly pear, Tangerine (yes tangerine, not tiny oranges as we first thought but blimmin Tangerines was so excited have never seen a tangerine tree before in real life) Almond and avocado. The Tangerine tree was down 2 steep slopes Dave was saying to me come down unless you dont want to look !! I explain I only have non climbing footwear on


and I will probably fall if I come down, so I go down and fall !! banging both elbows, my back and head, I am just waiting for the bruising to come out to get the most sympathy out of this fall, but I did get to see stars and pick the tangerines !!!!

Karen and Dave selfie


The figs we bought today are joint first with the organic ones purchased in Vinuela

Our after dinner sweet and card playing nibbles


Please note the home grown Tangerines.

The Poyato card school winner of first to 5 is the lone man happy fig filled Dave, 2 each for the girls

Baby Selfies of the day


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