Friday 04/03/2016 – Saturday 05/03/2016 – Well Friday was spent emptying Seamus…..he was not happy

Saturday 05/03/2016  – Off to the Organic Market for our supply of figs in our fig rating chart these are top of the list, but noooooo….arghh…….. the stall is not there !!! will now be fig free for the next couple of days till Trapiche opens on Tuesday the (numero 2 on the fig list) fingers crossed on the bowel front  and the blood pressure (apparently they lower it and going by Daves its working)

Then off on the long trek to Almunacar ok not long but windy all the stuff removed from Seamus is coming to the new abode


Pride of place our Barmouth pic (Linda Faith Paganuzzi)

….Yikes 10% scared and 90% excited “the times surely are a changing” according to old Bob.


Yikes !!!!


Excited !!!! lemon for the gin !!!


Dave couldnt care less, only joking loving it x


will have to keep and eye on the lemon tree, ladybirds allowed

Babys selfie of the day by the pool




Later on the Poyato school of cards


the girls have been winning back but the lone gent is taking no prisoners (pic is one of the lady wins !!)

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