Tuesday 29/02/2016 – Its the day of fig and nut replenishment, so its off to Trapichie for us and then Eroski for the eating goodies and home for tea and a game of cards at the Poyatos school of cards where Jammy Dave is on a winning streak !!! then off to bed if I can fit in !!!


Wednesday 02/03/2016 – Trip into Torre Del Mar to Junes recommended cake shop yum yum will be going there again, brilliant prices , plenty to choose from and as usual gorgeous Spanish coffee, only thing different we would have done is to bring home a huge box of cakes !!! piggy piggy

Well another thing ticked off the list, finally found my gun, beware any  amorous dogs !!! tried the pistol out on Baby and Nala, Baby couldnt give a hoot and stared down the barrel of the gun so to speak and Nala was terrified, she wouldnt come anywhere near me and fled up the stairs to June for protection.


The other essential at Merca china is a mini beer tankard for your toffee vodka


Thursday 03/03/2016 -Day of rest today so nipped into Comares for a loaf, stopped at Panaderia Angela Padilla where the Spanish matriarch who we didnt see when we entered the shop because she was sitting behind the counter, and was on the short side !! but she obviously saw us as we heard a “hola buenas dias”  we looked but couldnt see her then up she popped  with her little knitted bonnet on her head and sold us the bread and quickly got out a Spanish torte that she had made and promtly sold us that too !! it was an anis olive tart and very nice too, the grandson who worked in the bakery showed us around the bakery,where he started baking the bread with his sister from 2.00 am till 7.00 am, most days, the oven itself had stalactites on the roof and was fired by wood and is now one of the last ovens of its kind, was so interesting, after lunch decided to try an Ottolenghi roasted vegetable tart tasted bloody lovely but took the majority of the day to make,  cookery book courtesy of my father, so dad this is the first recipe we have had time to make and as you said I would love this book and as nearly always !!! you were right.


Did the gun test picked it up and Nala scarpered !!! left the bone she was chewing and everything.

The Tom and Barbara project is coming on please note the morning and afternoon picture


i can almost taste this lettuce the next batch of egg tray seedlings will be planted soon

The card school is running again tonight and the girls are fighting back cinco pwnats for Karen, dos pwants for June and Jammy Dave dos pwnats also, we are now seeing a different  side to jammy Dave !!! like losing Dave ha ha IMG_3539[1]





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