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Earthquake in Almunecar

Wednesday 23/03/2016 – Sunday 28/03/2016 Well just a few pics of the things us farmers have been doing in the last 5 days, Dave has taken a liking to pruning, so while he is sniping little bits of branches here and there, I am left to do the de-forestation, hacking through prickle trees and many… Continue reading Earthquake in Almunecar

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The freeing of the chimpy arm

Tuesday 22/03/2016 Well its a big day today for one of the Almunecar trio and no its not me, yes thats right its June she is freeing her arm from its cast tonight at 5.15 precisely and it couldnt come a moment sooner for June and well for us really, she has dodged spud peeling… Continue reading The freeing of the chimpy arm

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Almunecar the start

    Thursday 17/03/2016- Sunday 20/03/2016….. our first couple of days in Almunecar started off with the move from gorgeous Comares to equally gorgeous Almunecar, plants and everything but the kitchen sink packed, thankfully the plants survived the trip, two happy apprentice farmers. Well apart from me having to drive the car with the 2 mutts in… Continue reading Almunecar the start