Saturday – 27/02/2016 – Monday 28/02/2016 – Saturday off to the Organic Market at Vinuela bought some dried Mulberrys and Figs and also being as we are now going to be self sufficient some plants and seeds, just call us Tom and Barbara from now on !!! and please put in your diary July we will be too busy harvesting then to do anything else then. Off then to the supermarket in Vinuela, June told us there were 3 big supermarkets in Vinuela, ummm one small one in our Vinuela, so rather than than phaff about getting lost for hours, we head off to Velez Malaga and Lidl where we spent hours phaffing about getting lost and end up shopping in Supersol. So homeward bound and tea and a couple of games of cards June has never playing this game… ha bloody ha Karen uno pwant, Dave cuarto pwants and June was the first to get to five , she will be good at poker is all I will say.

Harvest making paraphernalia

Sunday 28/02/2016 – Planting has begun, Dave found a dried Chilli on the floor outside the supermarket so chilli plant seeds planted, the day is spend moving all the various plants around inside to various parts of the sitting room that have sun. Now going by our previous growing trials this could all end in tears……….watch this space.

Monday 29/02/2016 – Well for anyone looking at living this life style here is a run down of our day, get up at 10.00 have brekkie, little chat about what to do today, clothes washing then the car is washed, time for dinner, then its time for a walk, these fat legs need trimming and they ain’t going to trim themselves !!! off up that bloody hill again, no I exaggerate its a different route, and I am now going to bore you rigid with beautiful pictures of the countryside and the sun,

and arty farty pictures of flowers


and seats and gymnastic beams in the middle of nowhere


and pics of the balcon de Comares

walked back down with the devil dog

had tea and a few shifters and watched One Foot in the Grave, so that is a typical day in the day of a Roamer, think very carefully before you commit to being a Roamer.

and of course Babys selfie of the day


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