Thursday 24/02/2016 – Busy day today off to Torre Del Mar …..ha ha that’s what we thought, but no the car had other ideas ….dead as a dodo,we needed to get it up a steep drive to bump start it, this is going to be interesting out of the 3 of us, one is driving (me), the other has her arm in a plaster cast (June) so that leaves  Dave on the pushing front, soon realise this car is going nowhere, but no wait I see 2 workmen in the distance, shout up to them in Spanglish and our 2 knights in Spanish armour came down to help they did try pushing it up the very steep hill first, but didn’t get any further than Dave so the car is then towed backwards up said hill and then pushed very fast towards a lovely steep drop no luck, so backed Seamus out and off up to Comares, pass the goats on thier morning trip up the hill

img_35281 (2)


no no jumpleads in the Supermarket (no surprise I suppose there) find the garage and he hops in the van and down to the house and starts the car, say goodbye and Dave TURNS THE ENGINE OFF !!! luckily it starts phew. Chores done and go for a little walk, get my gypsy rose lee outfit on and I can see in the future Almond nut brittle, almond milk, and almond butter

So now if we can live on avocados, lemons, almonds and persimmons we are set

Friday 25/02/2016 – Decide on a walk up to Comares to get my lazy bones on the move, OMG how quickly do I forget how bloody steep the hill is, not being of cloven  hoof its a long trek, nearly hitched a ride on our friend Muffin

but he objected to taking me, Dave, Baby and Nala !!! meanie


again stripping off the thermal coat as I go, still red as a beetroot and sweating profusely by the time we get to the square in Comares for a Cafe con leche  only to discover my other half is wanting beer, so what comes out of my mouth 2 beers please


while we drink Nala has found a greeding buddy and with much success she is fed and watered

IMG_2884[1]Drink up and go to see where the zip wire is being set up at the top of Comares for the Andalucia day weekend !

We were hoping to sign June up as on the promo video the girl only used one hand to hold on and the other was holding a selfie stick, but no one was about so will have to wait till Sunday. June will be gutted !!

Look who we see going to bed, yes its a herd of blurry goats



Babys selfie of the day



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