Well off to Trapiche Market for our supply of figs and nuts, I know we are food monsters and thats all I ever talk about, ummmm yes correct, met up with the Axarquia dog rescue who we got our Nala from so if anyone is looking for a dog, dogs or cat then take a look at the site, as they can deliver the dogs to homes abroad for a small cost. As you can see June has put Nala to work acting as her cushion, the clever thing is June was sitting on the settee first !!!!!!


Lunch time at Casa June, Dave,Karen, Nala and Baby, Guacamole made from the fruit off Junes lemon and avocado trees, now all we need is a mozzarella tree.

Went for a walk up to Comares town today, looking for the short cut up the mountain, but I thought I saw a large Alsatian dog in a property and shouted for Dave to run, his cousin shielded us from the brute only when we got down to the road to tell us it was a donkey in someones  garden !! word to self stop imagination working overtime


This is taken from our walk up to Comares

Baby selfie in motion

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