Wednesday 10/02/2016  – Friday 12/02/2016

We quick change of plan we are now visiting family in Comares, for those of you that don’t know Comares is a small village high up in the Spanish hillsIMG_3361[1]

It is a bit of a trek to get up here, when we left the main coast road our Sat Nav said we had 15 miles to go and it would take 1 hour 40 mins !!! I thought it was wrong, but it wasnt,  but it is so worth a visit, its like you are on top of the world, you can see for miles and miles and miles (that’s a song isn’t it?)

Seamus is parked up and getting jealous


because we are driving a CAR !!!! whilst here, not sure Dave or his cousin Paul felt too safe with me asking “which side of the road am I driving on ?” and due to not knowing my left from my right, I couldn’t tell if I was driving a Spanish or Brit car, I must of been hedging my bets by driving in the middle of the road because Dave said “keep closer to the kerb” in a high voice !!!IMG_3360[1]

Our abode whilst in Comares, we have a bed, bath and shower…, sorry Seamus. You can see the village of Comares behind the house, a short walk up me thinks….oh no a bloody hike I think the road winds around the mountain about 10 times before you get to the top, I was as red as a beetroot by the time we got up there


thankfully we were picking the car up in Comares so it was a quick drive home, well after getting lost in the village and then getting invited into a Spanish ladies house, I thought she must have known Daves aunty, so we went in and she was flogging fruit and veg and everything inbetween, we had a sample of a few things, dried figs and almonds, quince and her homemade cheese, all very nice, so we settled on the cheese and lemons. Daves aunty laughed when we told her apparently this same lady catches everyone who passes her house.IMG_3325[1]

Babys snotty nosed selfie of the day (she will kill me for putting this one on ha ha)

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