Cabo de Gata

Monday 8/02/2016 – Tuesday 09/02/2016 We have now found that we can camp for bugger all so the longer we do this the longer we can travel, Monday we found a large carpark in the middle of San Jose with 30 other campers there ( Dave counted !!!) parked up and went exploring we walked to the beaches of Playa de Monsul and Playa de los Genoveses to see the rock formations as suggested in “what to do in Cabo de Gata”


No so sure we were at the right part of the beach as our pic look a bit different from the travel write-up anyway by the time we got there we were starving so, walked back by the harbour

and back to the camper for tea, huge site to park on and lovely and quiet apart from at about 8.00 a large gang of kids appear with a couple of adults who chucked what I can only call a banger on the ground, Nala was terrified and Baby jumped on Daves knee (I was well impressed by that, she usually has to take a run to jump that high) anyway the kids all sat on a bench and the parents just kept lighting these bangers and throwing them on the floor, they did have 1 firework that went on for ages which was like a real firework all sparkles and bangs and lovely colours. Now also in the village of San Jose we were inundated with dogs who all wanted to befriend (well its always a suck it and see thing, we hope they are friendly) Nala and Baby, so everytime we had a coffee there was always at least one dog sniffing around ours, trying to position Baby so they could “get very friendly” with her or playing with Nala, the leads were all around the table and chairs, Nala would start barking and our lovely peaceful coffee had gone to rats (ratshit !) the plan for the future is a water pistol, suggestion of Dave, and I could make a holster each for us ……yes Merca china here we come, two of your best pistols.

Tuesday we head off for our second  freeby stop in Las Negras, enough sand walking we are going up a hill !!! the trainers are out…….. up we go stunning views, but I now find I have the heeby jeebies when walking high up on a precarious ledge over looking the sea the land side I am ok

walk back take some arty pics of the rock formation by the beach and off to find a cafe

lovely cafe by the beach we just go to sit down and there are 5 dogs behind a small mesh fence barking at our dogs, the local dogs must have heard them shouting because another 2 not behind the fence turn up !!! thats it no coffee for us, lets go home, every bloody street we turned up had its own large free roaming dog !


Just one last thing hand sewed a new bed for Baby, look who is in it !!! so have made Nala one and the bed brat spent most of the night in it RESULT.


Babys selfie of the day



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