Palomares to Cabo de Gata

When travelling in a motorhome, it is important to get enough rest to power you through the day, you know, site seeing, eating, drinking, chatting all take it out of you. Now the worst type of sleep deprivation is caused by a bed brat, these things are of our own making.


This particular bed brat, can reappear numerous times through the night, from the bottom of the bed to the top, either side or slap bang in the middle of the bed taking the majority of space from the other 2 occupants the percentage is as such Bed brat = 50% Occupant 1 and 2 = 25%, despite the Bed brat being the smallest occupant she still must have the biggest portion of the bed, to obtain this she sometimes has to sleep across the bed, or stretch all 4 legs out, clawing occupant 1 and 2 in the process and a favourite walking up the middle of the bed on top of other occupants to see where she would like to sleep, this step and be repeated continuously through the night.

Friday 05/02/2016 – Just cooking breakfast this morning and we have a jobsworthy telling Dave to make sure the dogs do their “toilet” outside the camp, now Dave is a fanatic about clearing up after the dogs, we always have tons of pooh bags for obviously the pooh and if they wee on site he has a bottle of water to wash it away. If anyone has a solution to stopping the dogs “toileting” before we hit the camp gates please let me know. Nalas pee is probably the size of a mouses, but Baby makes up for her she drinks and pees like a camel !!!! and if anyone is going to have a pooh at the most inappropriate time its Baby, people just getting their tea on the table ahhhh yes will have a pooh right opposite NOOOOOOO.


now wouldnt that be great.

off on our way to Cabo de Gata Camping the scenery is stunning along the coast, the campsite is a small on in the middle of nowhere amongst trees where the dogs can have a good run, took us ages to get here, Dave (my tourist guide as well as deep cleaner) said this is where they used to make all the old cowboy films, he said I thought it would be all sandy as this region has the driest climate in Spain arrived at the site and its green but no sand or trees !! We stopped at Mojar on the way down just to let the dogs have a run and I had a go on the park

The drive down was a bit nerve racking, at one point the road went from 2 lanes down to one with no warning, thank goodness the car coming the other way must know the road stopped to let us go through.

Off into to find volcanic eruptions on the beach, a church on the beach and the lighthouse and other suggestions will be welcome. Cabo de Gata camping is 7 euros per night without electric and 10 euros per night with electric WIFI is Free


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  1. Thinking of going to Motril area in the next day or two anyone have any visiting suggestions


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