Mazarron to Taray to Palomares

Sunday 31/01/2016


Look how clever I am after going out last night !!!!! socks that stick to the ends of your kecks


Washing day today, on the way back from my chores look what I saw !!!!!

Processionary caterpillars RIGHT OUTSIDE SEAMUS (the van) reported it to reception and she said its ok someone is coming tomorrow !!! no they are on the ground, oh ok will send someone…….40mins later he turns up scoops them into his dustpan and pops then in a skip full of soil and plant stuff. So our little pals are probably all snuggled up in their soily warm nest in the sun. (It is against the law to have these pests on site, they can kill dogs and cats they are highly toxic to them)


Went for a lovely walk before lunch, Dave had a think


Bolnuevo Playa 17 euros per night ACSI, wifi 3 euros per day


Monday 01/02/2016 – on the move again off to a site few miles down the road Taray Camper Park (they have a facebook page or they are on Search for Sites) this is a sort of wild camp it is 6 euros per night, no electric but has a grey and chemical water point, you can buy water to fill the tank, 100 ltrs for a euro. They have a bread delivery everyday 8.00am (what !!!!! there are two 8.00 in the day) and 11.00a.m., gas delivery, and a German cake van which along with cakes (to die for, have sampled of course) cheese, sherry and other things. This campsite is right by the beach, is peaceful and quiet, there is a small village you can walk to for tapas, menu del dia and wifi.


There is also a small restaurant/ bar on the beach. Loved this site. We stayed for 2 days on the last day we walked along the beach up to a mountainy bit (see pic) but right near the top we heard some snorty sounds, we had been talking to a fellow camper just before and he used to live in the area and told us about going into the mountains and spotting wild boar …….. umm being the intrepid travellers we are we ran for it.


See if you can spot the picture Dave took.

Wednesday 03/02/2016 -Palomares –  Camping Cuevas Mar – nice enough campsite 17 euros a night ACSI needed charge up and do some washing ect, walked down the beach and the only picture i took was of a grebe not the best I must say


Today Thursday there was a hit of rain, so wrapped up in ugg boots, thermal socks, leggings (long), jumper, coat and hat, we are getting to be more Spanish as the days go on, called into 102 Tapas (on facebook) had some surprise, surprise tapas and coffees, the total bill for 3 coffees and 4 tapas was 7 euros, brilliant value.

oops nearly forgot Babys selfie (note I am not in it as, “A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, not one with you in !”)


The new sitting perch back legs on the top step, front legs on the bottom step.




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