Thursday 28/01/2016 – Saturday 30/01/2016


Right Thursday we drove to Camping Las Torres lovely little site not right by the beach but just a 15-20 min walk in, Thursday was glorious so we just sat in out chairs and enjoyed the sun. Was gutted when I looked at the entertainment program and had missed Thursdays gymnastics class !!! (obviously popular as it was on Tuesday and Thursday !!). Friday we walked into the town and along the harbor, where we were dragged screaming and kicking into Viggios Restaurant, menu del dia 10 euros or ????? we are on holiday, so we had mixed fried fish ( a favourite of ours) and then seafood Paella, took a pic of the starter (this was for one person but we shared, thank goodness was huge) and then forgot to take a pic of the Paella


Scoffed our meal looked around the harbour then off back to the van. Bit of bad news tonight we were hoping to do a workaway in almunear for a month in March but unfortunately to track to the house in very narrow so no way could be get there boo hoo was really looking forward to itimages (7)never mind will keep looking and see what turns up next.

Just a little alert here the Germans on these campsites have their own rules, when emptying grey water turn your engine off STRAIGHT AWAY if you dont they will alert you to your misdemeanor, also when popping into reception same rule applies and if you drive too close to their pitch they will stand arms crossed, staring straight at you tutting and shaking their heads, other things you must know, they have right of way over your van whilst riding bikes and if there is a queue they are first.

Campsite was 15.45 euros per night ACSI price they have a book swop in reception. Showers nice and hot.

Saturday 30/01/2016 off just down the road to another campsite Bolnuevo Playa this is another huge site, 1 pitch left !!!! it is crazy time now alot of the campsites we are visiting are full. We were told to see if our van would fit on the last pitch, it did so we parked up. started chatting to our neighbours, then over the tannoy we hear “Mr David James Jones please report to the reception” yikes a 100 lines and detention for us. This site is right on the beach so off we go to detect, I am dog watcher and dog pooh remover, today Baby keeps running off in the wrong direction and then not seeing or hearing up so we have to chase after her !!!!!

The last picture of me started a bit of a rage !!! someone is getting to be a bit of a “selfie diva” so now I will put on the pics i took after someone had a strop !!!

thats better get my whole head in the picture
you ever take pictures without me again !
The sand sculptures pretty stunning


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