La Marina via Guadalest

Monday 25/01/2016 – Wednesday 25/01/2016

Called into Mercadona on the way to La Marina and again was tempted by the cakes !!! you’ve got to love a trier.


The apple turnover thing was like apple wallpaper paste, god knows what they have done to perfectly good apple puree to turn it into that, the custard pies are TO DIE FOR !!! yes a lovely Spanish cake, this is good and bad, now everytime I visit Mercadona its custard pie on the list !!! fat pig status coming up ….

Then a small detour up into the mountains for a trip to Guadalest as recommended by our pal Ralph … thanks for the tip well worth a visit


Second visit to La Marina stayed 2 days as I HAD to visit Mercachina, the biggest tat store ever, they sell all the things you didnt know you wanted.

The last time we visited La Marina was 3 years ago few things have changed the happy hour used to be 4.00pm to 6.00pm is now 2 x happy half hours first one is 12.00 noon to half past and the second one is 9.00 pm to half past !!!!!! We were paying 33.38 euros a night as they are not in ACSI the outside pool has doubled in size but was shut and the little food van is now outside of the premises. Plus I know it isnt La Marinas fault but the amount of dog poo outside the camp is horrendous.


Gorgeous beach but this time of year beware of the processionary caterpillars the nests are found in pine trees, they come down into the ground to pupate they are irresistible to dogs, but are fatal if not caught straight away and treated by a vet.  Nala lost the tip of her tongue to them, but we got her to the vet within 15 mins so that saved her (not at La Marina but a site in France 3 years ago)

Lastly the lovely Bodegua Los Carmelos, is always packed for a reason, go try the wines, take you own 2 ltr bottle to fill, eat tapas, and enjoy the atmosphereIMG_3082[1]





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