Torre Las Sal Maria

Torre De Sal Maria  Tues 05/01/16 – Friday 08/01/16

Campsite right on the beach, town and surrounding area very quiet, Mercadona within easy walking distance. Small supermarket right opposite the campsite or essentials. Bar/restaurant with reasonable food, happy hour and lovely staff (menu only in Spanish or German)IMG_2994[1]

also a bull ring opposite, not sure if they still use it as such will have to google it (do not like them at all) Daves first metal Detector find yey !!!! rich…..ok not quite yey not sure of the metal at cannot read the stamp but think it is French as they stamp on the outsideIMG_2989[1]

Answers on a postcard please if you can enlighten us.  oh yes and a pirate coin


Stayed 3 days this is NOT an ACSI site, even though the lady in reception kept our card and didnt tell us this till we went  to pay. When I questioned her about the price she started shouting and then remembered her mother was ill and had to go to hospital,loads of people wanted to book in (where !!) i was holding everyone up, after she tried to take the money out of my hand she then started moaning “madre mia”and holding her head !!!! all I wanted to know was how if it was 16 euros per night (she told us this was a reduced rate for us) she was charging us 60 euros. To save her anymore distress we paid the 60 euros, but will not go back. I have added the link below so you can see which site it is a there are 3 or 4 next to each other all with similar names



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