Camping Naranjal – Javea …… Sunday 10/01/2016 – Tuesday 19/01/2016

Loved Javea, originally booked in for 2 or 3 nights and stayed 9, campsite is not far from the beach, supermarkets, restaurants and shops. Lots of places open and the most lively place up to now. Think if we had stayed any longer we would have been another couple of stones heavy. I shouldnt really tell you this as its no good for your waistline, but to coin our phrase “we are on holiday” the link below is an Austrian cafe the cakes !!! wow and the coffee “gorgeous” and the snack “just what I wanted” as much as I love Spain the cakes are horrible……. Sorry Spain they do look very pretty though


The weather has been fantastic we watched the brave few (the sea is still freezing) surfing and some more even braver ones swimming !!

Right next eating place to recommend is the Wok. We spent about 4 hours there, yes thats right 4 hours, we went with our new pals Dorothy and Brian and spent so long nattering we could eat more !!! well thats my excuse. They have everything there, fresh fish, steak, chicken, veg pick what you want and the chef will stir fry it in your choice of sauce. They have soup, sushi, all the usual chinese starters, loads of different rices, main dishes and the ice-creams and cakes or fresh fruit. Wok Javea

We also visited a popular bar call the Octopus, great music, seats looking out to the beach, great atmosphere, food and drinks Octopus Bar

Then for our leaving do we went to the Buddha Palace Nepali-Indian Restaurant, such lovely people, great food, we had the early evening menu, 3 courses for 9.95 euros, would highly recommend it and we were still full the next day Buddha Palace

There is so much to do in Javea, we walked to the old town and the harbour, had a coffee again watching the world go by, went to the market on the Thurday bought our salad and fresh fruit and guess what a coffee and watched the world go by.

And one last thing after all my tasteful pics these are the ones Dave wanted me to take of him.

and very big thanks to our lovely new friends who we enjoyed meals out with and natters Dorothy and Brian, who run the Hymer owner rallys ( i have probably got that wrong !!! sorry Dorothy) we are now well on the way to being new members IMG_3011[1]IMG_2670[1]

To all my friends please dont be too envious of my golden tan, it wont last !!!! (omg look at the colour of my legs )

Camping Naranjal – ACSI price 17 euros per night

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