Wednesday 23/12/2015 Tours – Marcillac-la-Croisille

Leave the site 11.10 but are very hungry (must be all the sleep we had) Dave doesnt want to stop so I stop giving him our stock of fruit pastilles and it works we stop for lunch, the cake shop is not very inspiring so we go to The Orangeries Hotel, now all the hotels and shops in France look like they are shut, Dave tried the door and yey they are open “restaurante” Dave says in his best French, we are ushered into a lovely little dining room with French people occupying all the other tables, luckily I changed my grubby jumper to a baseball t-shirt and Dave kept his 4 day old clothes on or we would have felt very out of place !!! OMG I bet they could tell we were Brits, they were all finely turned out neat and tidy, cravated and scarved to eat lunch, I thought the water glasses were tea light holders and you would have had a picture of our lunch but we were sitting on a table in the middle of the room and thought I may look even more chavvy photographing each course. Anyway the food was gorgeous Dave had Fois Gras and then hake and I had Salmon starter and then mushroom risotto, yum yum. Then its a nice full stomached drive to our next campsite. The owners were on holiday, so it was being looked after by a gentleman and his daughter, who had worked in RAF Sealand and had lived in Hawarden just down the road from where we used to live, had a good natter to him, took the dogs for a walk into the town and tucked in for the night. Gorgeous campsite wished we could have stayed longer.

Miles – 172    Tolls – 12.90 euros   Campsite 13.00 euros

Marcillac-la-Croisille – Camping du Lac showers clean, tidy and modern, small uphill walk to the town, free wifi

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