We are on our way


download (2) Day 1 – Monday 21/12/2015

Well up bright eyed and bushy tailed for our trip under the Channel, not having done it before just couldn’t picture the set up. All looked very futuristic to me. Weird feeling when it first sets off but lovely and smooth after that. Can fully recommend this seasickless journey. Frog picture is where we stopped for our first French baguette, used to dip into our very British home made soup. Calais – Orbec – Lisieux Couldn’t find any sites so had to double back to Lisieux and stayed our first night in a car park. Not a good sleep imaging every possible campervan mugging scenario going, read instruction on attack spray in handbag.

Tip of the day – take a French phrase book remembering Madam Jacques teachings from 30 odd years ago just isn’t going to cut it.

Second tip of the day – If you are going to use Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for the tunnel trip you must book at least 1 month ahead (guess who didnt !!)

Third tip of the day – we booked a short stay return because it was cheaper than a one way, it cost £58.00 return  and £36.00 one way for the 2 dogs !!!! ummm not going to comment on that, except to say they stayed in the motorhome with us the whole time, no checks done at all.


Miles traveled – 160                    Toll €12.90

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